Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ross Wirtanen Solo Exhibition 12月4日~12月9日

ロス・ウィルタネン 展

会場: SoHo アート ギャラリ カフェ
スケジュール: 2007年12月04日 ~ 2007年12月09日
住所: 〒543-0071 大阪市天王寺区生玉町10-20
電話: 06-4394-7456 ファックス: 06-4394-7456

Ross Wirtanen Solo Exhibition
December 4th to 9th, 2007

American painter Ross Wirtanen's dynamic and unconventional painting style and media presents the viewer with images of the world around us. The works are displayed in installation format and transform the gallery into a creative space that is rich in colors and textures.

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Jeremiah said...

Ross Wirtanen is an insanely talented artist. You'd be crazy to miss any exhibition he's involved in.