Thursday, January 24, 2008

EXPRESSION 01月25日 ~ 1月31日, 2008

01月25日 ~ 1月31日, 2008
メディア: 絵画 ・ 彫刻・立体

Márcia Britto's "EXPRESSION" is the latest exhibition of her continued exploration of simplicity, using various media. Her works include Swedish glass sculptures, as well as ink paintings on handmade paper. Swedish writer Simon Berg notes: ”Márcia Britto works in a vigilant way to capture in context the essential... The Works are bare and simplified... You encounter introvert, expectant and calm faces or faces with secretive smiles.”

Ms. Britto works and resides in Sweden, where she has been working on Swedish glass for a number of years, working with some of Sweden's most talented glass blowers and designers.

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