Monday, March 17, 2008

『 歪み - Distortion』4月8日より4月13日まで

Group design exhibition by Masashi Haruyama, Sayaka Fujimoto, Mariko Maegawa, Yushi Maeda, and Miwa Mikoshiba
前川真里子, 前田祐志, 藤本明香, 春山正, 御子柴美和.

それは誰もが一度は感じる幻覚の中にある現実。 歪んでいた世界の中で、実はこの世界が実際自分たちにあっているのかもしれない。 歪みきったこの世界をあえて歪みきってしまいたい。 まっすぐってなんだろう、誰しもがまっすぐには進めない。 歪んでいるから他の歪みを呼ぶんだよ。 一般的、現実的、大量生産できない世界。 たとえば、空も、雲も、海の波も。 もう出会うことのできない。 一瞬の歪んだ世界をもっているから。

This installation explores the concept of distortion through a variety of objects and images. It is an interactive exhibition in which the visitor explores the various objects through which distortion is explored. However, perhaps the most successful way in which the artists achieve 'distortion' is in the installation itself. There is a space in the gallery which the artists have set in the middle of the installation to receive and welcome guests. This very element creates the greatest distortion as it blurs the traditional idea of a gallery with that of a lounge. Guests are invited to have coffee, tea and various sweets, and enter the central space and relax on its mats and cushions. Visitors engage and interact with the artwork and artists in a very natural way and in so doing, the gallery and installation are transformed into a social and communal space, transcending the sterility and stillness usually expected in an art space. Whether this fact is pre-designed or accidental is hard to determine, as most artists in Japan also act as hosts in their shows. In this particular exhibition, the creation of an alcove for just that purpose push us to rethink our idea of our relationship with the space and the artwork. While many visitors spend just a few minutes inside an art space, visitors to "Distortion" remain for much longer becoming a part of the installation and helping reinforce the distortion created by the artists.

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