Saturday, August 16, 2008

森 和弘『Whoka III 展』8月26日~31日, 2008

森 和弘 Kazuhiro Mori
Contemporary Artwork Exhibition.

鉄と銅が和紙の上で時とともに変身をとげる。 手に負えない錆の進行は、時には驚きをともなう表現を見せる。 今年は、昨年の銀座での個展に引き続いての作品、約20点を展示いたします。
12:00〜19:00(最終日は 17:00まで)

Kazuhiro Mori Contemporary Artwork Exhibition. Mr. Mori's one-of-a-kind iron and copper rust prints on Japanese paper are an example of contemporary wabi-sabi art. The tones and gradations of each work occur naturally, without the artist's influence, which is limited to composition and other design elements. These works stem from a rejection to the drastic changes modernity has brought to every day life. They evoke a sense of nostalgia, and recalls a time when the surfaces of the world around us weren't industrially manufactured. The collection numbers 20 recent unique works and will be on display at SoHo from august 26th to the 31st, 2008.

Mr. Mori is a Design professor at Osaka University of Arts, and has his own design company in Osaka.


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