Monday, February 9, 2009

Art Salad 2009

SoHo Art Gallery is calling 25 new artists living and working in Japan to join it’s 2nd anniversary group exhibition, from May 19th to 24th, 2009. The show has an open theme and includes most 2D (photography, painting, graphic, drawing, calligraphy, digital prints, printmaking, constructions) and 3D media (sculpture, installation, etc.) , as well as Video artwork. Please submit your portfolio by March 31st, 2009 for consideration. Successful applicants will be contacted by the first week of April, 2009.

SoHo Art Gallery 募集要項

Theme: SoHo Art Gallery’s 2nd Anniversary Exhibition
Show Dates:2009年05月19日(火)〜24日(日)、12:00-19:00(最終日は17:00まで)
Submission Requirements: Portfolio, Letter of introduction.
Artwork requirements: All artwork must be finished, presentable and ready to hang or set-up.
2D works: 50 cm H x 50 cm W maximum size including frame.
3D works: 30 cm W x 30 cm D x 60 cm H maximum artwork dimensions.
Video: 5 minutes maximum length, up to two videos per artist. (shown on 20 inch LCD screen/DVD player combo)
Entry fee: ¥2,000, payable upon successful admission to exhibition.

Selected artists will be showing their work alongside SoHo Art Gallery’s artists from its 2008-2009 exhibition season.

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