Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peace Summer 2009 @ SoHo

Exhibition and conference event in Osaka: Peace Summer 2009!
Peace Summer 2009, a joint creative event in Osaka, is looking for participants. From its inception in 2006, artists from all over the country have had the opportunity to participate in exchanges and exhibitions, as well as activities aimed at raising the public's awareness of artists of all levels. Peace Summer 2009 will be introducing a number of new events! This summer the west side is HOT!
From the middle to the end of August, 13 galleries in Osaka and Sakai city will be holding events related to Peace Summer 2009:

Main Exchange Event (大交流会)
Last year around 140 people participated in the lively annual Exchange event. This year the event will be held on Saturday, August 29th.

Application: Application opens on Saturday, May 23rd. To apply, visit the Peace Summer homepage (address below), and fill out the application form and attach a photo of your artwork for consideration by the executive committee. The deadline for application is June 15th.

2008 results: In 2008, 242 creators participated in 11 locations in Osaka. Over the course of the event more than 3,000 people visited event activities. Artists of all levels, as well as gallery officials and art collectors from all over Japan visited the main exchange event.
Be sure to check out our Mixi community: PEACE SUMMER for the latest information!
For more information, or to apply, please visit our homepage:

Peace Summer 2009 @ SoHo

We're calling artists to sign up for "Identity", SoHo's themed exhibition for PEACE SUMMER 2009's
city-wide art event involving 13 Osaka art galleries and 4 alternative spaces. Be a part of this exciting show and let Osaka see your work!

Exhibition Dates: August 18th(tue.) to 23rd (sun.) 
Exhibition Hours: 12:00 to 19:00(17:00 on sunday) 
Concept: This show is a chance to show work dealing with your identity. Non-traditional and traditional self portraits are welcome as well as works that deal with identity politics and issues.

Sign-up fee: 5,000円(税込)
Participation: 30 participants
作品販売: 可能(但し、グッズ、Postcards, ポストカードは受付ません)
Sales Commission: 30% (please factor this into your artwork pricing)
Artowork Dimensions: Maximum dimensions
2D works (A3 size, not including frame)
3D works(30cm W x 30cm D x 60cm H)

Please include the following information in your title cards: full name, media, date, artwork size, and price.

Hanging: 8月16日PM18:00~ 
Takedown: 8月23日PM17:00

Peace Summer 2009 @ SoHo

いよいよPEACE SUMMER 2009の一次募集開始がスタートします!!5月23日(土)〜6月15日(日) 今年、 SoHo も初参加でワクワクしています、多くのアーティストに参加して頂いて、思い切り大阪の夏をアートでホットにエキサイティングしましょう!! 詳しくは、こちらのホームページをご覧頂き peace-summer.comどしどし、お申し込み下さい。 尚、 SoHo でのPEACE SUMMER展は8月18日(火)〜8月23日(日)を予定しています、Let's have a blast with Peace Summer 2009!!!

会期: 8月18日(火)~23日(日) 
時間: PM12:00~PM19:00(最終日はPM17:00迄) 
コンセプト: 自己存在証明、私は誰、自画像も可、日本人、在日外国人、
参加費: 5,000円(税込)
募集定員: 30名 
作品販売: 可能(但し、グッズ、ポストカードは受付ません)
販売手数料: 30% (販売価格は相談)
作品サイズと点数: お一人一点 
平面 (最大A3フレーム別)
立体(最大30W x 30D x 60H)


搬入日: 8月16日PM18:00~ 
搬出日: 8月23日PM17:00

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