Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ars Japonica

Ars Japonica is an off-site group exhibition by ten Japanese artists being held at AVA Galleria in Helsinki, Finland. This is exhibition is part of the Finland-Japan Art Exchange initiative by AVA Galleria and SoHo Art Gallery to create an artistic bridge between our two cities and countries. The show runs through September 19th, 2010 and features the works Masato Sunami, Shinji Hori, Taiji Matsuda, Kunihiko Nakano, Haruaki Toku, Yoshihisa Sano, Atsuhiro Kanzaki, Kotaro Hachinohe, Hirotaka Ichikawa and Ryohei Obata. The show has opened to a warm reception and received wonderful feedback.

If you find yourself in Helsinki this week or next, we'd like to ask you to come by and see the show. Thanks!

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