Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Furniture & Shows

Today we took delivery on the first few items for the gallery and the cafe. We received a couple of chairs for the computer desks, some folding chairs for the multipurpose room, upright lights and a coffee table and chair for the gallery. We also went to see some art at a few galleries and there were a couple shows that blew us away.
First we stumbled upon Gallery Canal on Nagahori, Where a young artist is showing his oil paintings. They are dreamy and innocent renderings of imaginative animals in various everyday activities. His work is very detailed, a combination of heavy texture, rough brushstroke and and a colorful innocence. his animals perform activities associates with people's everyday doings. most striking for me were some of the romantic paintings wehre an elephant and a giraffe reach across opposite buildings to smooch.
Next, Hisaya Taira's "subway series 2007" at Yshiaki Inoue Gallery is simply phenomenal. His show of super-realistic underground acrylic paintings left me breathless. The delicacy of the brushstroke and smooth rendering of Tokyo's underground washed aglow in fluorescent light are superb. If you're in Osaka, go check it out!

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