Tuesday, March 6, 2007

SoHo Art Gallery Café: first steps

Over the past few weeks we've been gearing up to geth the gallery off the ground. we are currently consulting with contractors for the renovation works needed on the building we've secured for th egallery. Its a 4 storie steel and ALC clad building on Sennichimae-Dori. Foot traffic is great and the area is generally alive all day long. There's tons of restaurants, residential buildings and a couple major train stations steps from it. It's sitting on a hill so the fear of flooding is well, minimal. The building has a lot of character in its simplicity of design and single mindedness in purpose. it is stoic and functional and the simplicity of its form gives it a very elegant and unique aspect amongst the buildings around it. It"s inset between two massive apartment giants, and th ebuilding seems tiny by comparison.

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